Friday, September 4, 2020


The Atlanta Fantasy Fair was a comics and SF convention that took place yearly at various locations in and around Atlanta, Georgia from 1975 until 1995. For several years it was the largest fantasy, comics, SF, and related media gathering in the Southeast, bringing together people from across the region and the nation. As an attendee and a staffer the AFF holds many memories for me, and I 'm sure others remember it fondly or (not-so-fondly) as well. A few years back I noticed that information on the AFF seemed to be almost nonexistent on the internet, and it's the goal of this blog to rectify that situation by posting any and all data available on the AFF, in addition to information and images of other now-defunct Atlanta conventions and fan organizations from the same era, such as Phoenixcon, Dixie-Trek, etc. If you have any images, information, stories, rumors, tall tales, or legends about these conventions, please don't hesitate to send them to me at or post them here in the comments.